Tuesday, 1 December 2009

First Post

Well, this is new. I’ve been informed by my excellent university teachers that blogging is an essential tool in the industry. So here I am.

So, what has inspired me today? Mainly the most emotive and obviously best song in the world, Alkaline Trio – Radio. Having been a right little scene kid in my youth, I was obsessed with this song for months, but then grew up and moved on, leaving musical taste behind. But I found the album whilst flying the metaphorical nest into university accommodation and it reawakened the befringed and heavily eyelinered inner self. Possibly a bad move? But not the worst. I love the raw feeling in the lyrics, in his voice, the peace in the guitars, the way the drums punctuate his words. I was lying in bed last night, playing it on repeat, at half three in the morning when the girl in the room next door had the tv on full volume, shouting at her boyfriend and running up and down the stairs.

How am I finding uni so far? Well, its fun living away from home and meeting new people, but there are things from home that I miss. I miss the bus ride to college when you can put your generic mp3 player on to drown out the people and watch Gosport fly past the window. I miss sitting on the mound down Hill Head beach with only my dog for company to stare at the pathetic phalicy of the sea, always the right weather no matter how I'm feeling. I miss my bath and the laughter and complaining from my family and whichever aunt or uncle that has decided to call round. But most of all I miss my friends, the clique. Nothing in the world compares to those people that know that nothing beats apple crumble and that the backs of people’s heads where the ears and neck join on make my want to throw up. The people that call round just because they happened to be walking past, and who share my love of crap jokes and stand up comedy. The ones who know that something’s wrong just by looking at me, and get it that sometimes I just like to be alone and are willing to wait until I’m ready to talk about it. They keep me sane and I love them for it.

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